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Mom-Asana was born out of a desire to create a better more connected community and a desire to stay close to my little ones.  Fun and refreshing yoga with our playful munchkins in the beauty of nature.  Mama's need to fill their tanks and take care of themselves physically, emotionally and spiritually in order to have that abundance of love and energy to give to their families.  Come play with us and enjoy the benefits of yoga - an over 5000 year old practice that helps to balance the mind, body and spirit.  It is important to be gentle with our selves and little ones especially during pregnancy and after birth since our bodies and hormones are going through so much change.  When we stretch to our personal limits without straining we continually move forward in our own practice.  Looking forward to seeing your smiling faces somewhere in nature with us!  Bring the little ones... we incorporate them into the yoga and we practice a good distance from roads for the children's safety.  Father's and families welcome too!

Integral Hatha Yoga Teacher

Heather Brook Le'amohala (Moona)

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Heather Brook Le'amohala (aka.Moona) is certified in Integral Hatha Yoga with additional training in Prenatal and Postpartum Yoga.  She is recognized internationally by Yoga Alliance and has taught at yoga studios and retreats on Maui Hawaii as well as taught private personalized yoga classes in San Diego California.  While on Maui she owned and operated a Vegan & Raw Food Culinary Institute called Body Temple Gourmet LLC as well as catered events, yoga retreats and weddings with healthy delicious food.  Currently she teaches at University California San Diego's Centers for Integrative Health through their Plant Based Culinary Program which shares the healing power of a plant based diet and active lifestyle with medical students, doctors, patients and the general public. She is Passionate about Walking a Gentle Path upon this Beautiful Earth, Natural Mothering, Being a Loving Wife & Friend and Caring for Animals.  She loves to Hike in Nature, Wade in the Ocean & Pure Streams, be Creative through Art, and Adores Laughter.  She moved back to San Diego in 2017 and has settled in Fallbrook, Ca next to the Santa Margarita River.

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